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Welcome to the website of the Law Offices of Vance R. Koven!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Before you ask why it took so long for me to get a proper web site operational, I’ll pre-emptively justify my tardiness as pure laziness. But now that it’s here, the least I can do is walk you through it so you can get whatever benefits it offers.

The home page, of course, is self-explanatory (isn’t that sepia effect on the photo cool, though?). The About page provides a really brief overview of the principal practice areas of the firm (which, if you haven’t figured it out already, is just me). On this page I will try to mention items of interest in the areas in which I practice, though you might have to put up with the occasional querulous rant on related or even unrelated matters). The Contact page is something you can use in addition to dropping me an email to get more information, request help with a matter, or inform me about something (no commercial solicitations, please), though if we already have a lawyer-client relationship, it’s best to call or use direct email. Note that contacting me does not establish a lawyer-client relationship—that can only be done by our signing a written retention agreement if and when both of us agree that I should represent you.

There are two other pages here to mention. On one, I have uploaded  a questionnaire you can fill out if you would like me to help you with starting up a business, and I may upload other documents that might be of use or interest. On the links page I have provided pointers to other sites including government agencies and downloadable forms, like the Massachusetts state forms for creating business and non-profit corporations and limited liability companies,  and  federal forms for registering  copyright. Needless to say (so therefore I’ll say it) these forms are informational only—unless you retain me (see above) and the filing goes through me, you alone are responsible for any use you make of them. Finally, the links page has links to other sites that I think are interesting, reflecting my personal tastes and, again, for which I take no responsibility other than my good or bad taste in liking them.

So—once again, welcome, and I hope you find this site useful, or at least, with a hat-tip to Robert Frost, a stay against insomnia.